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Enjoy cocktails proudly crafted in Spokane, Washington.
Our mixologists have a passion for creating custom, top notch libations.
Our kitchen presents our customers with a menu that evolves as the seasons change. The Buck's atmosphere is warm, sophisticated, and prideful.

Signature Cocktails

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Classic Cocktails

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Beautiful Interior

Enjoy your cocktails and eats in a lavish, opulent setting that will compliment your craft cocktail experience.

Only Fresh Food

We take pride in serving only fresh, made to order food.


New Flavors

Our eclectic food menu is custom curated by local Chefs with special attention to pair-ability with robust and full-flavor beverages. This fall, The Buck has conjured up an experience she's sure you will enjoy. Sautéed soy beans with fresh Furikake seasoning, select cuts of meat, Chef's choice charcuterie, vegan eats and more!
Blind Buck's signature cocktails have set our
establishment apart from competitors in the area. Buck's experienced mixologist's mission is to introduce new and exciting spirits to Spokane's unique residents. Our signature craft cocktail list is accompanied by a selection of classic cocktails that have stood strong as patron favorites over the years.

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Delicious Food

Our focus at The Blind Buck is crafting perfect cocktails while curating an experience that compliments our stellar drink recipes. Our fresh food pairs perfectly with our top shelf libations.

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Insider Secrets

Learn more about crafting cocktails by reading our blog, which is dedicated to being cocktail-centric.

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10pm - midnight

Welcoming Atmosphere

Drink and eat in a stylish and dignified atmosphere. The Blind Buck is a historic bar in downtown Spokane, Washington.

Easy to Find

The Blind Buck
204 N Division St, Suite B
Spokane, WA 99202

(509) 343-9425

Opening Hours

6pm - 2am
6PM - 2AM
6PM - 2AM
6PM - 2AM
6PM - 2AM
6PM - 2AM
6pm - 2am